CoMF in Houston – Hear for 30 seconds

CoMF in Houston – Hear for 30 seconds

The Colour of Music Festival “petit” versions of the annual festival will tour to Pittsburgh, Richmond, and Houston.

With support from the City of Houston and the University of Houston, COMF founder Lee Pringle chose to bring it to Houston for the first time, partly because of the city’s own diversity.

“It gives the patron of the arts a mosaic vision of what the city of Houston represents, what America represents.”

That mosaic, or diversity, is important because “classical music is one of the last glass ceilings when it comes to the arts,” said Pringle.
“What you see in a subscription brochure is a product of the sum of the life experiences of the decision makers. So if the maestro doesn’t know black compositions, you’re going to get programming with black composers omitted.”

By introducing wider audiences to the contributions of black classical artists, he hopes the festival will impact orchestras around the world – from concert programming to artistic management.

The Colour of Music Festival is September 12 – 16 at the UH’s Dudley Recital Hall and Moores Opera House.

For tickets and additional information, visit schedule here.

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