Allen University Concert Choir Joins COMF Petit

Allen University Concert Choir Joins COMF Petit

The Colour of Music Festival announces the Columbia SC début of Colour of Music Festival ‘Petit’ September 11-15, 2019 at Allen University, Chapelle Auditorium, 1530 Harden Street, Columbia SC, a five-day festival featuring black classical artists and scholars from France, Britain, Colombia, the Caribbean, and the United States performing organ, piano, vocal, chamber and orchestral works showcasing the impact and historical significance of black classical composers and performers on American and world culture.

This series is presented by the Office of the President of Allen University who has announced the Allen University Concert Choir will join the Sunday, September 15 Matinee Memorial Performance.

Since 2013, the Colour of Music Festival has brought classically trained black musicians together to offer the public an opportunity to experience the talent of prodigiously gifted classical principals, composers, and performers of African descent share their musical talents, knowledge, and inspiration.

Few classical music enthusiasts are aware of the tremendous contributions of Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges, an African-French composer, and contemporary of Mozart, whose opera and classical masterpieces equaled or far exceeded those of his 18th century contemporaries. Though highly recognized overseas, his contributions have gathered little notice in the U.S. Today thousands of tremendously talented black classical principals, composers, and performers have few opportunities to grace concert stages of major American orchestras.

Leading black maestros Leslie B. Dunner and Jeffery L. Ames will serve as guest conductors to lead the Masterwork Series and Anyango Yarbo-Davenport will lead an all-female Colour of Music Festival Virtuosi.